Startup Weekend Debuts in Austin this Spring

The local entrepreneur/tech community is in store for more exciting prospects this Spring, with the first ever Startup Weekend-Austin from April 30-May 2. After what already seems to be a great year with TedX, Ignite and a slue of other events, Startup Weekend is yet another great asset and addition to the Austin community.

Startup Weekend, organized and created by Andrew Hyde, who hails in from Boulder, Colorado, was first started over 3 years ago and has spread across the country. Austin natives Cesar Torres (Founder, Conjunctured), Brandon Chicotsky (Founder, Texas Ventures) and the rest of the Startup Weekend crew will be in charge of this event and any questions, concerns, and suggestions can be directed to these guys.

Cesar Torres commented about his excitement stating, “Startup District and Texas Ventures is really excited to finally bring Startup Weekend to Austin. With the strong tech and startup community that the city’s already well-known for, we’re sure April 30-May 2 will be a huge success and we look forward to seeing what companies and connections come out of the event.”

The location of the event is still up for grabs, and the organizers are asking you, and the community to brainstorm some possibilities, pull out your connections and find a space that works best for this type of event. In the meantime, Gary Hoover, founder of Bookstop and Hoovers has already been secured to speak at the conference.

In the regards to the future growth of Austin and the event, Brandon Chicotsky had the following to say: “Austin Startup Weekend is our city’s next step in the process of becoming a powerful engine for the world’s best ideas. The program is an expedited process of idea development, business plan validation, infrastructure building, venture capital showcasing, and marketing output — all possible and available in one weekend. It’s been done in 58 cities, and now it’s Austin’s turn.”

If this article and event has you at the edge of your seat, ready for more, you can get the official lowdown on the happenings and events going on before the official Startup weekend, by visiting:

Already, this February 12, there will be a startup weekend happy hour going on at the Belmont from 6:00-8:00PM. Details and the chance to RSVP can be found on the Facebook event page.

If you’ve never been to a Startup Weekend event before or would like to know what to expect, check out this first timer’s guide. If you’re already a pro or you’ve been waiting until this finally hit Austin, buy your ticket now. Lastly, if you, or your company are interested in sponsoring, please get a hold of Cesar or Brandon via Twitter or by visiting the contact page.

Startup Weekend Debuts in Austin this Spring