Crowdsource Your Photos With FocalPop

Just before the turn of the New Year, an Austin up-and-comer, FocalPop, announced the launch of their site – a new online marketplace where photo seekers can solicit the shots they want, and photographers answer by offering up their best interpretation.

The company serves to unite photographers and photo buyers on their admittingly easy to navigate site. The business model is even rather simple – image seekers create a request describing the photo they need, photographers then upload shots that meet that request, and then the seeker selects the winning photo and pays them accordingly. Simple supply and demand.

Right out of beta, the site had over 2,000 visitors from 63 countries and helped fulfill user’s requests for photos like “Lonely Guitar,” “Greasy Plate of Food,” and “Happy Dog.”

The photo industry has seen rapid change over the past few years and this is yet another fresh approach to crowdsourcing and reverse-auctioning the photo commissioning process.

Photographers interested in using the site can receive “a minimum of 70% commissions on photo sales.” Although, the site seems very enterprise oriented, any photographer with any style could potentially drop their name in the hat.

Brian Romanko and Becky Parker conceived FocalPop during their MBA program at the McCombs School of Business.

For more information check out or follow them on Twitter.

Crowdsource Your Photos With FocalPop

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  1. Thank you, John Robert! We've seen a tremendous amount of interest in FocalPop over the last month and we forward to big things in 2010.Becky Parker, FocalPop


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