Austin Ventures Entrepreneur Hours

Venture Capital is always the hot topic among startup technology companies. How do you land venture capital? How do you get a meeting? Who do you pitch? What do they want to hear? Most people think that they can call up and make an appointment, do a 60-minute presentation, and then pickup their check at the door on the way out.

The answer is that you need to start building relationships as soon as possible in the lifecycle of your startup, just in case venture is the right class of capital for your company. Austin Ventures is making it easier for you to establish those first relationships by hosting an event called AV Entrepreneur Hours. Their first event was in Houston in December, and the next event is scheduled for Austin on January 19th.

AV Entrepreneur Hours is a daylong event held at a local establishment where you the entrepreneur have access to the AV team in a comfortable, non-board room setting.  You and your team will have a 20 minute time slot to discuss topic(s) of your choice with members of our venture team.  Whether you want to have a conversation on a certain market space or your business plan (preferably software or internet oriented), chat about fundraising strategies, or actually pitch your company to us, we’ll offer candid feedback in a causal setting.  The goal of AV Entrepreneur Hours is to create an open forum in which local Texas entrepreneurs can have easy and informal access to AV’s venture team.

To sign up for a time slot send an email to and give them a short overview of your company/idea, as well as what you are interested in discussing.  Spots fill up quickly, so if you don’t get a slot this time, they will try and get you on the agenda next time.  Remember, this event is focused on software and/or internet companies and isn’t limited to pure start-ups.  If you have market traction and are looking to get over the hump, they are interested in talking with you too.

Austin Ventures Entrepreneur Hours

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  1. Is AV still completely uninterested in hardware? Tried to talk to them a year ago and was told “we don't do pre-revenue hardware”. There are lots of hardware startups in Austin that are just not getting any love.


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