uControl and SMC Networks Partner Up

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uControl, a leading provider of next-generation home security and automation solutions, and SMC Networks, a specialist in providing high-quality, reliable Customer Premise Equipment to Service Providers, announced an industry-changing partnership today that will result in accelerated innovation and manufacturing efficiencies within the security, energy management and automation space. Through the partnership, SMC will manufacture, support and market the SMA TouchScreen to Broadband Service Providers worldwide. uControl will continue to focus on software development and support. The uControl Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) Platform enables Broadband Service Providers to deliver the next generation of services for the Connected Home. uControl’s award winning solution pairs its open, technology agnostic software infrastructure with the industry’s only “All-In-One” SMA TouchScreen combining an alarm system, communications gateway and home automation platform into one device.

Founded in 1971, SMC Networks has almost 40 years experience selling, manufacturing, and distributing leading CPE products. In 1997, SMC became a subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation (TAIEX:2345), a global OEM/ODM leader in advanced networking and communication equipment. Today, Accton delivers millions of units annually to thousands of customers worldwide.

“As an established leader in home networking, we have been working on the Connected Home concept for the past few years. We believe that our SMA TouchScreen coupled with the uControl SMA Software Platform provides the best opportunity for Broadband Service Providers to successfully deliver the next generation of home security, energy management and automation services to the mass market”, said Sid Sung, General Manager of SMC Networks.

The 7-inch WVGA TouchScreen device is about the size of a traditional alarm keypad. It can be conveniently placed anywhere within the home – whether mounted on a bedroom wall or placed on a kitchen countertop. Because of its all-in-one design and TouchScreen driven activation process, in-home installation complexities, times and costs are dramatically reduced when compared to systems that rely on traditional, legacy alarm panels.

“We understand that many new service deployments begin and end with the upfront costs and complexities of the in-home installation model,” said uControl President and CEO Jim Johnson. “We made it a top priority from the beginning to maximize installation efficiency with a single “All-In-One” device and a TouchScreen driven installation process. In fact, uControl installs do not even require a PC.”

The TouchScreen leverages key enabling technologies from uControl’s SMA Platform including remote control from any Web browser or cell phone, alerts via email or SMS, redundant connectivity (broadband and cellular), cameras, home automation and interoperability with existing alarm panels from Honeywell, DSC, GE and Bosch. In addition, it is a lightweight network information appliance in the home enabling service providers to deliver video, photos, web content and social networking applications via an open, standards-based Widget Platform. The Widget Platform is also the catalyst for other broadband applications such as residential energy management and home health care monitoring.

“Our partnership with SMC and Accton will accelerate the growth of uControl’s Connected Home Ecosystem. Each partner will be able to focus on its strength resulting in more opportunities, efficiencies and innovation within the SMA industry, “ said Jim Johnson.

uControl and SMC Networks Partner Up

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