Innotech Beta Summit 2009

It’s time again for the Beta Summit at the Austin Innotech Conference. This is the second year that I’ve had the pleasure of hosting this event, and we’ve got some great companies that are going to show you some early stage, or recently launched technologies. If you haven’t registered for Innotech, it’s inexpensive and it’s a great conference.

The Beta Summit is at 11am in room 12B on the 4th Floor.

The Companies

BuzzStream helps companies build more effective relationships with online influencers like journalists, bloggers, and Twitter users via social media monitoring, influencer research, and social CRM tools. Companies can use BuzzStream to monitor news and social media, find influencers discussing their brands, competitors, and industry, create detailed influencer profiles with proprietary research tools, track sentiment, manage their team’s outreach workflow, and report on success. BuzzStream tools support scalable blogger and influencer relations while preserving the human touch.

GameSalad is the world’s most advanced game development tool for non-programmers. Developed by Gendai Games Inc, GameSalad provides everything you need to get your game from concept to execution – from an easy to use logic and physics system, to a visual based interface, and even the means to publish your games to the iPhone, Desktop, and Web. Pairing innovative game creation technology with the ability to share games across social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs), Gendai Games’ mission is to advance game design and foster a community that empowers creative individuals everywhere.

Gelato is online dating meets realtime search. It makes online dating easier, more authentic, and safer by using what you are doing around the web at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Netflix and Pandora to build your dating profile.

InfoChimpsinfochimps-logo is a website to find, share or sell any dataset in the world. We provide tools to organize and connect datasets by shared dimensions. Anyone can upload datasets of any size or format and choose to add a charge per download. Users pay to download the data and we make a commission. A central repository and marketplace, will increase the world’s access to analytical data.

petsmd-logoPetsMD, supports pet owners by providing the knowledge and products and services they need to more effectively manage their pet’s health. PetsMD partners with veterinarians to provide client education tools, lead generation to help vet growth their practice and a trusted online resource for all things pet health.

Spredfast is a social media campaign management platform that allows businesses to manage, monitor, and measure its social media voices across multiple channels. Spredfast maximizes your social media efforts by getting your content out to many social media channels with the least amount of effort while measuring the effectiveness of every piece of content you publish.

Innotech Beta Summit 2009

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