PetsMD Launches iPhone App, the number one name in free online pet health information, today unveiled their newest consumer friendly feature, the PetsMD Symptom Checker iPhone Application. “Our users have told us that they love the Symptom Checker application and want to take it with them on their iPhone,” says Tina Cannon, President and CEO. “Pet owners wanted to have the health information they need at their fingertips, at the park, the river, camping or wherever they take their pet.”

“Quality vet approved content is important to our users and making PetsMD Symptom Checker app was a natural progression for us at PetsMD,” says, Christi Scovel, Chief Veterinary Editor. “We want to be with pet lovers, wherever the adventure takes them.”

Over the past few months, PetsMD partnered with Phunware and spent countless hours designing and developing the Symptom Checker iPhone application. The result is a fully functional feature that allows pet owners to have key health information at their fingertips. PetsMD’s Mobile Symptom Checker helps you be better informed and make the right decisions — on demand when you need it most. Whether you’re out at the park, on the lake, at home or on the go, PetsMD’s Mobile Symptom Checker is there for both you and your pets. By the time you decide to make a trip to the vet, you will be better informed and make the right decisions to help your pet live a longer, healthier and happier life. When in doubt, always talk things over with your veterinarian. PetsMD gives you the tools to have a better dialogue with your vet but does not replace professional diagnosis and treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian.

PetsMD Launches iPhone App

2 thoughts on “PetsMD Launches iPhone App

  1. Corey says:

    Er, um, really? I know you guys are associated with PetsMD and all, but you'd really do better to distance yourself from them than continue blabbing about them. The site is an absolute nightmare and doesn't even have a comprehensive database of information, making even their core product pretty useless. An iPhone app for $2 that has limited information, a non-standard interface (look at some of those fonts and buttons), and an incomplete database? Come on…you're making Austin look bad.


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