Dachis Group Collaboratory Launches

Today the Dachis Group is announcing the launch of the Collaboratory, as well as my role as Director of the Collaboratory. Let me start by telling you a little bit about Dachis Group, and some of the unique and interesting features of the Collaboratory. You’ll understand quickly why this is one of the most exciting opportunities of my career.

Dachis Group is a relatively new Austin-based company that is helping large enterprises get value from today’s social technologies. Jeff Dachis previously founded Razorfish, a pioneering company at the time that grew to be a market leader. Jeff’s vision for Dachis Group is no less pioneering today, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to join. The company was launched with a large financial committment from Austin Ventures, and recently announcing the acquisition of HeadShift, giving the company an international footprint.

The Collaboratory is a great name. It’s part collaboration, part laboratory, and those words perfectly describe what we’re trying to build. We’ve got an incredible “dream team” of talent inside the company, who work with large enterprises on what it means to be a social business. Since you have to practice what you preach, the Collaboratory is a lab for some exciting concepts.

You’ll notice the homepage is vastly different than just about any other homepage you’ve ever seen. It’s a living, constantly changing look into the inner communication of the company. A visual look at emails that are going out, Yammers that are being exchanged inside the company, Tweets on our twitter accounts, and updates to BaseCamp and Highrise which we use for collaboration. Under the Collaboratory tab you will see a place where we hope to engage in discussion with all of our constituents, whether they are clients, potential new employees, shareholders, or other bright minds in the community who care about what it means to be a social business.

It’s yet another example of an Austin-based company that is pushing the envelope, and challenging the norms of the business world today. It’s a start, and an interesting beginning. Where this experiment takes us will be limited only by the quality of ideas inside of the community that chooses to participate.

Dachis Group Collaboratory Launches

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  1. thomsinger says:

    Congratulations, Bryan. They are lucky to have you. I have know you since 7th grade (wow, that is a long time ago),…. and you have the “Midas Touch”. I know you will add to many of the great things this company will accomplish.thom


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