Interview: Getting The Most from Innotech

As one of the co-founders of Tech Ranch Austin, Kevin Koym is well known in the Austin tech community as a person who has help to foster entrepreneurship. Matt Scherer sat down with him to discuss how Austin Innotech, set for Oct. 29, at the Austin Convention Center, would help tech entrepreneurs.

Q: How have you have seen the change in entrepreneurship in Austin in the last couple of years?

A: Austin is getting more serious about entrepreneurship. We have a much stronger entrepreneur ecosystem than we have had in the past.

Q: How has Innotech helped to develop the entrepreneurship community in Austin?

A: Innotech has been a focusing event for the Austin business community. One of my favorite things about Innotech is using the trade show as an opportunity to reconnect with the community. It’s a great event for guys who are getting started in a new venture as well as for those entrepreneurs who have been at it for awhile.

Q: What should novice entrepreneurs do to make Innotech a great experience for them?

A: My methodology in the past is to run through the trade show floor, to get a sense of what’s important for me to visit later. Then, I make mental notes to which booths I want to visit. And, then after canvasing the booth, I want to go back in depth for the vendors that I want to have relationships with in the future. I’ve noticed that at past Innotechs that there are a lot of ad hoc meetings such as lunch, dinner and drinks that arise from this event.

Interview: Getting The Most from Innotech

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