Gelato Launches Real-time Dating at DEMO

A slew of innovative companies are presenting today at the DEMO Conference in San Diego. One that caught our eye is the Austin-based; it’s a free dating site that takes online dating to a whole new level and that makes and look archaic. Users create a dating profile – in just two minutes – that’s distributed across a myriad of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and

In other words, rather than create an ostensibly “ideal” profile like on typical dating sites – for instance, your favorite books are Jane Austen classics, yet you’ve only seen the movie “Pride and Prejudice” – users get to reveal their true selves, and, in real time. The site allows users to search for everything from “men in Austin, ages 25-35 who are Alabama football fans,” to those who have recently listened to Ben Harper’s newest hit song, to ones who have watched “Office Space” in the past week.

“This is a shift in the current online dating paradigm because it mimics how dating actually happens in the real world,” says the founder Steve Odom. “It’s dating for today’s Web users, for people who like sharing online and want a more transparent and authentic experience.”

Gelato: Signing Up from Steve Odom on Vimeo.

Gelato Launches Real-time Dating at DEMO

4 thoughts on “Gelato Launches Real-time Dating at DEMO

  1. To me Gelato would be too invasive of my privacy. When using online dating, I want to know enough to find out if I want to meet someone. It is the face-to-face meeting that really tells about the other person, not what they say in all their online accounts. If you really like someone, then learning all that additional information can be useful. I have met 50 women online (I wrote about it in my book Internet Safari) and liked about half of them enough to meet them two or three times. It took several meetings sometimes to find out if we really had possibilities. Doing research into their online accounts seems invasive to me and not helpful for making the kind of decision that requires face-to-face contact.


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