Inc. Magazine Releases the Inc 500

It’s that time of year again when Inc. Magazine publishes their list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the country. For the second year in a row, they have expanded the list to 5,000. You can see the entire list of companies, or if  you’d like you can see just the companies based in the Austin region.

Last week I sat down with Jon Armstrong, CEO of AdLucent (#73 and the fastest growing tech company in Austin). Based upon the company’s growth rate, and the typical growth rates of the top companies he predicted a placement in the top 100 companies nationwide. Company revenues grew from $3.5M last year to $6.5M this year.

Notable Austin emerging technology companies in the list (and their revenue):

  • #73 AdLucent ($6.5M)
  • #244 ePsolutions ($2.8M)
  • #348 Zebra Imaging ($17M)
  • #712 TengoInternet ($2.6M)
  • #777 ($2.5M)
  • #869 Rules-based Medicine ($21.7M)
  • #1215 Surgient ($20.2M)
  • #1351 Medical Present Value ($17.3M)
  • #1413 SolarWinds ($91.1M)
  • #1809 Anue Systems ($10.6M)
  • #2081 NetQoS ($56.5M)

Each year I get comments regarding companies not on the list. “What about Bazaarvoice?” people will inevitably ask. Keep in mind that most of these are private companies, and if company management does not want to disclose revenue they cannot be considered for the list.

Inc. Magazine Releases the Inc 500

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